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Can the Aspire funds be spent online?
Aspire funds can be used online for the purchase of agreed products via websites operated by the John Smith & Son Group (of which Aspire is a division). These typically include books and electronic products although other products (as provided by other third party vendors) such as branded stationery for example, can be added by mutual agreement.

Can students review their balances and transactions?
Yes, once an Aspire account is activated, the student has access to an online portal that provides them with live information showing their transaction history and current balance.

Can other funds be added to the card balances?
Yes, once an Aspire account is activated, funds can be added via an online portal using a credit/debit card from anywhere with internet access. Additionally, if there is a John Smith's shop on campus, additional funds can be loaded there using credit/debit cards, cheques or cash. Any of these methods are available to students, their parents/guardians or any other sponsor.

What happens if a card is lost or PIN number forgotten?
As soon as a student reports a lost card, the account is immediately "blocked". A replacement card can then be issued and activated (nb: there is a nominal charge for the replacement card) with the student going through the same security process as when they were issued with the original card. If a student forgets their Aspire PIN number, they can reset this by going through the same security procedure as before.

What level of support is provided to users of the scheme?
Aspire provides onsite support in the form of a dedicated Account Manager, and this is backed up with 24/7 access to our specialist in-house IT team & customer support operation. There is also access to our dedicated separate web portals for FAQs specifically designed for (a) account holders and (b) vendors / service providers.