OFFA Compliance

How does Aspire relate to the latest OFFA guidelines?
Tailored, targeted bursaries are at the core of OFFA guidance and Access Agreements. Aspire is the leading bursary management solution that delivers proven benefits to students and universities, allowing bursaries to be used in a strategic and tactical manner whilst students benefit from financial support within a tailored programme.

How can the data from the Aspire scheme be utilised to support the University's use of bursaries and scholarships?
Firstly, Aspire allows the University to specify the uses for their student bursaries and scholarships so that they target and support strategic aims and thereafter the data produced by Aspire enables the University to quantify the specific amounts being spent on each area of targeted use. Finally, this data can then be combined with information on outcomes (retention / WP stats, student qualification results, etc.) to demonstrate the effective application of these bursary/scholarship funds.

Is the use of Aspire allowable under the OFFA rules?
Yes - in fact it reflects OFFA's desire to ensure that these funds are spent by students as an aid to their studies as part of "institutional services".

Can Aspire form part of our NSP delivery processes?
Aspire is the ideal model for the delivery of "other similar institutional services" as defined in the NSP guidelines: "…..the waiver of catering fees, field-trip costs, or considering the provision of learning resources such as the provision of laptops and books"