What are the implications for integration of the Aspire scheme with the University's systems?
There needs to be a regular flow of core information between Aspire and the University, in terms of both key student and transactional data. This obviously requires the development of appropriate and robust interfaces and we have extensive experience of interfacing with a number of university systems, including for example SITs and Agresso, providing a variety of pre-built interface mechanisms that minimize the level of development required by the University.

What data is required from the University in order to facilitate the operation of the scheme?
We require a limited set of basic data in order to create and manage individual student Aspire accounts: these include name, university ID number; date of birth; course; year of study and - of course - eligibility criteria.

What type of technology is used to operate the scheme?
Aspire is a secure closed loop system which utilises a web service platform employing HTTPS encryption standards. The data is held on an industry standard, scalable SQL database. Transactions are authenticated using Chip & PIN technology featuring real-time balances. The customer interface is delivered via an Aspire terminal (RAPT) supplied as part of the overall solution.

How secure are the funds and personal data?
The Aspire account is pin-code protected, with the student setting their own pin number at the time they activate their account. As regards protection of personal student data, the company complies with all DPA legislation and, as part of the University registration process, all qualifying students have to tick a box to indicate that they will allow the University to share certain information with Aspire.