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Academic Benefits

How can Aspire ensure that students have the resources they need for their studies?
Targeting bursary, or other funding, at the goods & services that students need for their courses, regardless of financial status, has been shown to be a more effective use of these awards and produce better outcomes - as opposed to the alternative provision of cash.

How can Aspire improve access to reading list information?
As part of the core data set received from the University, we request information about individual student's course choices. We can then associate this with their key textbooks as identified by the lecturers and issue each student with a personalised reading list at the time that they activate their Aspire account. We also actively work with academics throughout the academic year to promote their chosen texts/resources to a targeted audience of students via email and SMS messaging.

What data is available to academics from the Aspire system?
The level of data that is available from the Aspire database is limited only by the requirement of the individual academic. We can supply information at the level of an individual student (or nominated group of students), relative to a single product (or group of products – e.g. core textbooks) and showing, for example, how many students have purchased each key recommended resource, etc.

Can Aspire help with the transition from print to digital learning?
Yes – Aspire can help to provide the 3 key elements for this inevitable migration: the electronic content, the devices on which to play the content and the funding mechanism to make these accessible to all students.