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Student Experience

Which students are eligible for an Aspire scheme?
Eligibility criteria for the Aspire scheme - as well as the amount to be awarded to individual students' accounts and the choice of qualifying goods and services - are all at the discretion of the University and can include all or any subset(s) of the student community, including International and PG students.

What products and services can students spend their Aspire funds on?
The choice of products and services on which the funds can be used is entirely determined by the University, based on their particular strategic, educational and pastoral priorities.

Do all students have to receive the same benefits?
No - Aspire offers a fully flexible framework so that the University can choose which student cohorts and/or individual students are eligible to receive an award and the level of benefit allocated to each.

When are eligible students awarded their Aspire funds?
Again, the timing of those awards is entirely at the discretion of the University, though clearly this should reflect the objectives of the scheme in terms of maximising support in specific areas.

Why is an Aspire solution better than giving cash?
There is strong and increasing evidence to indicate that giving students funds which are specifically ring-fenced and targeted at "good things" is more effective in terms of outcomes and overall student experience.

How does Aspire help with identifying students who are failing to engage with the University?
The Aspire data framework provides immediate and ongoing visibility of students who appear not be engaging with the University. For example, it can identify those students who have not yet registered to activate their Aspire account or any students who have failed to purchase the key resources for their course, etc.

How could Aspire help with student satisfaction surveys?
Aspire is all about increasing access to the resources and opportunities which will help to maximise a positive student experience at university. This has produced tangible outcomes that have led to positive responses to internal student surveys and increased satisfaction levels within broader student research findings such as the NSS.

What is the feedback from students on existing Aspire schemes?
We are continually talking to students participating in our existing Aspire schemes and also regularly conduct surveys to monitor their ongoing reaction and engagement. Whilst inevitably there are occasional negative comments about individual aspects or products, the results of these are very positive overall - for more information, please see the UEL Case Study.