Aspire's Targeted Support provides students with access to a wide range of services and resources.

As specified by the institution, which give targeted support to university strategies, such as:

Teaching and Learning

  • Encouraging students to use their bursary awards on academic resources such as core texts, wider reading and essential equipment
  • Supporting student field trip costs
  • Providing access to course reading lists

Student Experience

  • Allowing students to use their Aspire account to pay for such things as university accommodation, gym membership, travel cards, entertainment - or whatever services the University deem relevant & beneficial
  • Creating competitive advantage & educational gain by, for example, providing laptops or tablets pre-loaded with core texts

Retention & Widening Participation

  • Creating a level playing field by ensuring that all students have access to the resources essential for success on their course
  • Making awards to recognise success at defined stages of a course
  • Providing feedback to institutions can show which students have accessed which resources or texts to allow targeting of further teaching support to those that are not fully engaged
  • Helping students to overcome specific barriers to study, e.g. subsidising childcare costs for those students that need them & cannot afford to pay themselves
  • Providing students on access or compact schemes with free resources
    to support their learning and preparation for higher education

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