Aspire 'End to End' Management


  • Engagement with students
  • Communication of the scheme via web/literature/email/SMS/social networks

Card Distribution:

  • Separate card or utilise existing ID card
  • Personalised printing
  • Issued in conjunction with University registration processes


  • Dedicated account manager
  • IT support
  • Operational support

Vendor Services:

  • Relationship management
  • New vendor partners
  • Combined experience of the entire Aspire team

Interface Portal:

  • Portal/gateway to marketing support
  • Links from/to University pages
  • Links to/from vendor pages

Aspire provides an end-to-end total solution and manages all of the marketing, implementation & administration of the bursary and scholarship award processes.

The Aspire system interfaces with university MIS systems providing secure auditable interfaces.

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End to End Management

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