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Aspire History

Out of Africa
Aspire was originally developed as a response to the Government of Botswana's desire to support university students through their academic studies by ensuring that they had access to the goods and services needed to enhance their learning experience. Rather than providing the students with cash, they approached Aspire to help design and instigate a scheme whereby the requisite tools (books, stationery, other learning materials & equipment) were delivered to students via an electronic account system usable on campus.

Developed in the UK
Since the introduction of increased tuition fees in 2006, a growing number of UK universities have sought to use targeted bursary funds as initially, a means of aiding their recruitment strategies, and thereafter retaining those students that they do attract, whilst at the same time ensuring that those funds are being deployed most effectively for the benefit of the students' educational needs.

Interest in this area is continuing to increase against the background of the new fee regime coming into force in England 2012 and is reinforced by the requirement from OFFA for universities to be able to measure performance and demonstrate outcomes.

Aspire is a proven mechanism for delivering all of these requirements via a fully outsourced bursary management system that allows the University to set the parameters of the scheme to support their specific objectives - but with all elements of the operation being managed by the Aspire team.

Aspire Partners
2001 The University of Botswana
2006 University of East London
2007 Regents University London
2008 University of Chester
2009 Anglia Ruskin University
2010 University of Glasgow
2012 University of Southampton